Start selling your products on Twitter and leverage the power of instant purchasing

What is Stripe Relay? A service provided by Stripe, a payment processor company looking to disrupt the payments processing space, and now enables instant purchases through third-party apps, like Twitter.

What is Relay for Magento? It's a Magento extension, created by Merchant-e, which facilitates the process of sending your Magento products to Stripe, so you can start selling via Tweets or via any apps that Stripe Relay supports.

Merchants can now enable instant purchases on third-party mobile apps, such as Twitter, using Stripe Relay.

Merchants can now reach a larger number of shoppers and enable instant purchases linked directly to their Magento backend, to drive sales growth, increase customer acquision and build great mobile e-Commerce experiences.

Stripe for Relay is in private beta. Subscribe to be notified when our extension is ready for public release or to join us.

    We currently support:
  • Simple Products
  • Configurable Products
  • Qty available per product
  • Product Images
  • Keep products information up-to-date (in Magento and Relay)
  • Sync Order details